Monday, 22 August 2016

Reworking a butterfly

I only had time for a short trip to HBP this week. I've decided to rework the butterfly that I etched using gum arabic transfer as a resist.
I like the text but the butterfly is far too dark to read against the background and it lacks detail.
I started by scraping and burnishing. I wanted to clear the butterfly back to nearly white but leave some underlying texture.
 I think the next step will be to put a soft ground on the plate. I’ll draw into this to give the darks

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


It’s been a bit quiet on the work front for the past three weeks because we’ve been away staying with friends in France.
Lots of sun and wine, good food and good company. What more could anyone want.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


When I downloaded the entry form for the West Lancs Open from the Chapel Gallery I noticed a call for entries for their Christmas exhibition from artists who work with stories – fable, myth and personal narratives.

I sent off my CV and some photos and I’ve been accepted!

Amongst the images I sent were the Taylor Brothers. I got the prints out of the drawer this week to check they were OK and I realised I’d printed them all on off white or cream paper, which I wasn’t too keen on in retrospect. So I reprinted them on smooth white this week.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Yet Another Try

I went to Hot Bed Press to print on Friday fully intending to redo the perspective book as a soft ground etching but when I looked more closely at the first plate and the test prints I decided that most of the problems were down to wiping not biting so I’m going to think about book covers and paper weight then try printing it again later.

So having nothing else prepared I decided to have another go at gum arabic transfer for resist.
 I still over cooked it in the solution but the resist took much better than last time. 
 The raggedness of the text I think was due to me jiggling the bath while the plate was biting. Not an intentional effect but one I will bear in mind for the future.

I also tried adding gum arabic transfer on top of the etching.
 And reprinting the etching plate on top of that. 
Then home and a trip to Ormskirk where the opening of the West Lancs Open Exhibition was taking place in the Chapel Gallery. I’m please to say that both Rapunzelle and Concession Pereptuelle were accepted

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Large etching finished

Well I’ve finished the etching that I wanted to use for the perspective book but I think I managed to get grease on some areas of the plate while I was working on the tones so it hasn't bitten evenly in a couple of places. Having proofed it and worked into the more obvious blots and problems I'm still not sure about it.
I have another plate so I think I'll redo the image but this time I'll try a soft ground for the line etch just to see how the two compare. If I'm still not happy I can always revert to pen, watercolour and digital.